Photo of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Photo of Franklin D. Roosevelt


Political Party
· Years in office
· Brief historical background
Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in 1882 at Hyde Park, New York. He would attend school at Havard University and also Columbia Law School.
Following the example of his fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt he entered public service and would hold the office of senator, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, , and governor before being elected president.
o Path to president
FDR's path to the presidency started when he was elected as a Senator for New York. After serving there for several years he was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy by president Wilson. He would also run as a vice president nominee for the Democrats in 1920. In 1928 he was elected governor of New York which set him up for a run to be elected president. His opponent for the election would be Herbert Hoover who was running for re election. FDR would win a landslide victory over the extremely unpopular Hoover and became the 32nd president of the United States.
o Highlights/Lowlights of career
Highlights: FDR was elected for 4 terms, is responsilbe for current welfare programs and other programs that would prevent another great depression, he help the United States turn it around and brought the country back from it's biggest economic crisis to become a super power that would be rivaled by only the Soviet Union
Lowlights: FDR was diagnosed with polio in the summer of 1921, the attack on Pearl Harbor occured during FDR's presidency and forced the U.S. to officially enter WWII
Two domestic policy issues
Two of FDR's domestic policies were the New Deal and also taking the Nation of the gold standard.
Two foreign policy issues
Two of FDR's foreign policies were his good neighbor policy and also establishing a United Nations.
Presidential Report Card
(Be sure to include a letter grade and at least two comments)

Character: A
Early in his presidency he gave the people hope that they would be able to make it through the Great Depression with his Fireside Chats.
Morals: B
He was a man who had achieved all of his accomplishments with hard work and determination. But was involved in an affair which isn't presidential behavior.
Economics: A
With the New Deal and the establishment of welfare programs he was able to make a system that help the U.S. prosper and become a super power after being devastated by the Great Depression and keep it out of economic crisises until recently.
Effectiveness: A
FDR was the man responsible for taking the U.S. from depression to becoming a super power that would last for many years after his death.

Political Skill: A
He had a extremely long and successful political career being elected for many prestigous offices in the United States including Governor, Senator, and President.
Vision: A
He wanted to create peace across the world and his idea for that was the United Nations. He was also able to overcome polio and led the nation through some of the most important events in history including WWII and the Great Depression.
Leadership: A
He was elected for four terms by the people and proved his leadership skills with guiding the United States through a very turbulent time period. He is also associated with some of the most influential speechs and quotes in American history including his inaugration speech "Only thing to fear is fear itself"